Spine Care

You can find general information regarding spine care and proper ergonomics in this section
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1 pdf.png Presentation Titles Detailed Presentation Titles By: H. Sabbagh D.C. (Last Update July 14, 2019)
2 pdf.png IRCA Mission Statement IRCA Mission Statement; Drafted by: H. Sabbagh D.C.
3 pdf.png IRCA Board of Directors & Committee Members IRCA Board of Directors & Committee Members; Updated June 20, 2019
4 pdf.png Introduction to DPPP-SAA Treatment Protocol I am currently using the Dynamic Patient Positioning Protocol - Sensory Assisted Application (DPPP-SAA), as the main treatment protocol in my Chiropractic clinic. This is a specific and unique treatment procedure.....
5 pdf.png A.D.Mountaineering - Remote Outreach Initiative (ADM-ROI) Created in 2008, ADM-ROI is an especial program aimed to provide free spinal screening, in particular, for children and adolescence living in remote rural regions who may have limited access to spine care.